21 July 2015

Kiko 488 (Pearly Golden Camellia) Nail Polish Swatch & Review

Is this thing still on ?
Oh my, how long has it been since I last posted ? It feels like years. To be quite honest, I wasn't really motivated. I do have a bunch of posts almost written and some pictures are edited, but I just never get around to actually posting. Real life has kind of gotten in the way, and I've been working on my baking/cooking blog (though I haven't posted there yet), so this blog was just sort of forgotten. 

Today I'm back with a polish post (duh) for Kiko's 488 shade, Pearly Golden Camellia.

This polish is a gorgeous peachy pink with gold flecks. It is absolutely beautiful, perfect for Spring/Summer. I got it almost opaque with a couple coats. You can see I have some visible nail line, but it didn't bother me that much. It stayed chip-less for about 4 or 5 days.

Honestly, my pictures don't do it justice. Damn you, cloudy day. 
As I was taking my swatch picture I had a sort of lightbulb moment looking at the bottle, and got Kiko's Strawberry Pink polish out of my stash, as I thought they looked similar.

And I was almost right !It turns out they only look like they're the same color, and 488 (on the right) is like 360's (on the left, obviously) darker, sparklier sister.

02 June 2015

Kiko Nail Polish Swatches : The Round Up

Hi everyone ! 
I've tried several of Kiko's nail polishes, and I've posted swatches and reviews of them on the blog separately. I know how annoying it can be when you're shopping online, looking for swatches of a colour and have to dig through several posts to find them - especially with the colours on Kiko's website, which can be quite different in real life. I thought I'd regroup every Kiko nail polish swatches I have in this post, so you can see them all in one glance, and if you want to read the review, then you'll just have to click on through. I'll update this post regularly when I try out a new colour ! The polishes are sorted by number (lowest first).

11 May 2015

Latest buys & mini reviews

I'm back today with a few new things I wanted to show you !

First up is this Labello/Nivea Lip Butter in 'Original', which I've wanted for a long time. I already own Raspberry Rosé and Vanilla & Macademia and I wanted to try this one as I am pleased with the others. I love it ! It doesn't really have a scent, so if you'd love to try these lip butters but can't stand the scents, this one's for you !

Next up : Nail polishes ! Again, I know. These were a gift from my Mom for Easter. They're from Rojo Intenso. I tried to look the brand up online but couldn't find anything... Have you ever heard about this brand ? I've tried the first one on the left and I wasn't disappointed ! I'll post a swatch soon. I can't wait to try the rest of them !

And finally, I bought the Rimmel Soft Kôhl eye pencil :

I needed a new eye pencil as mine were old and I got this one from Rimmel. It was the cheapest I could find, between 3 and 4€, and it does the job perfectly (I use it on my waterlines). It doesn't run and stays put all day, so I'm really glad I got this one !

So, here you go, a bunch of mini reviews. Now, your turn : what's the last thing you bought ?

22 April 2015

Le Petit Cliché Chic Nail Polish Swatch & Review

It feels like life has been put on fast forward lately ! With the weather warming up, days have been spent outside, and I'll admit that I am way behind on post writing and picture editing. I wish there were a way to pause time !
I'm back with a quick post today for a Le Petit Cliché nail polish from this haul : Chic.

Chic is a beautiful dusty, dark pink. As much as I love a glitter polish, sometimes it feels nice to go back to "basics" with a creme. This one applied perfectly (don't mind the bubble on my pinky, that was my fault), and was opaque with 2 thin coats. It stayed chip-free for about 3 or 4 days, without base or top coat.

Okay, now I have to try and get my posts organized (and maybe I'll, you know, write them)...

17 April 2015

Kiko Haul #2

These past two weeks were a blur ! It just went by crazy fast and I barely had time to write a post.
So, finally, here's another haul, this time from Kiko.

A couple (maybe three ?) weeks ago, Kiko was offering a free lipstick for any order (something to do with international lips day or week, if I remember correctly). That was enough for me to go look around their website and see what could possibly catch my eye. I found a few things I wanted to buy, but ended up not ordering. Then a couple days later, they sent another email, saying delivery would be free on any orders. Free lipstick and free delivery ? You don't have to tell me twice ! Free delivery especially was nice, as there's an order minimum of 25€ on the website, which can be quite annoying. But I'm rambling now, so let's move on.

I got 2 lipsticks on top of the free one (which was a Smart Lipstick in 914 Amaranth) : Smart Lipstick in 913 Rosewood (3,90€) and Ultra Glossy Stylo in 811 Raspberry (4,90€).

I already own a Smart Lipstick (912 Crimson Red) and love it, and I wanted some new lipsticks, so I got those. I probably spent two hours searching swatches online, and another hour making my choice, but I love the colors I picked ! Reviews should be coming soon.

Next up : Nail polishes ! 

I got two for my sister (498 Pearly Cherry Purple and Fancy Top Coat nail lacquer in Red, the two middle ones in the picture above) and 4 for myself : 347 Dark Green, 494 Pearly Amaranth (the last two in the picture above), 488 Pearly Golden Camellia, and Fancy Top Coat nail lacquer in 660 Dahlia Purple (the first two in the picture).

The Fancy Top Coat lacquers were on sale for 1€, so I jumped on them, and the other ones were 2,50€.

And the last item I bought was their Hand & Foot Stone Scrub for 5,90€. A little pricey, but I want summer ready feet, and I really wanted to try out a scrub.

Now I just have to try out the polishes (I have so many new polishes to wear !) and write reviews for the lipsticks !

Do you see anything you'd want to get for yourself ?