17 April 2014

NOTD : Maybelline Mini Colorama in Urban Lemon

Long time no see ! But I'm back with - yes, again - a nail polish post. Spring is definitely here and the need for bright colors on my nails is back too. This is Maybelline's Urban Lemon from their Mini Colorama range, a bright lemon yellow polish.

(I'm again very sorry for the poor state of my cuticles. I ran out of my holy 
grail cuticle cream and I keep forgetting to buy more.)

Urban Lemon stayed perfect on my nails for 5 days. After that, desert-like cracks start to show on the polish, and it starts to chip (following the cracks). Five days is still long for a polish, so I'm fine with it.
Application was streaky, but it's a yellow so that is to be expected. You just have to be light on the brush. I managed to get away with two coats and it was opaque (Although you can see some nail line on my index finger. I guess I had less polish on the brush for that finger than with the other ones.)

Do you have a yellow polish ? Or several yellow polishes ? What's your favorite one ?


  1. Oh! This is such a good color for spring!

  2. i actually just applyed this to my nails...im not sure how i feel about it ...


    1. I was unsure about it too the first time I applied it, but I think that was because yellow is such an unusual polish color, I had to let it grow on me, ha !