About me

Hi !
My name's Angèle. I'm a French twenty-something obsessed with TV shows & nail polish. I love love love baking, especially cookies. You can't go wrong with cookies. Cookies. Now I'm hungry.
I'm also kind of an organizing freak. Kind of. I also really really like decorating, but I don't have enough money to redo every room in my house and that pains me *sad face*.
I'm a book hoarder. I have kept every book I bought (except those I just really can not read again because I didn't like them at. all. That's like... two or three books.) although I wish I had more books. If only they weren't so freaking expensive.
I also have a soft spot for cookbooks. And just generally anything pretty.

This is where I'd put the "frequently asked questions", but unfortunately, I don't have any. Do you have a question you want me to answer ?

I take my pictures with a Samsung NV7 OPS I've had since December 2007. I edit said pictures with Picasa and Photofiltre.

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