24 January 2014

Kiko 389 (Mint Milk) Nail Polish Swatch & Review

Hi everyone ! Today I have the LAST polish from my May (!) Kiko haul. And yes I know that makes three nail polish posts in a row but who cares. Here is Mint Milk :

Do you know how long I've waited for a mint polish ? Long enough. Mint Milk had to be mine. Especially since it was only 2€50. It was a bit streaky, but again, it's a pastel polish and they tend to always be streaky. This was two coats. I could have applied a third one as I had some bald spots but I was too lazy to do so. It lasted about 2/3 days on my nails without chipping (again, without base or top coat). For some reason, Kiko polishes last almost a week on my sister's nails, without base or top coat.

Overall, I'm pretty pleased with all my Kiko polishes. With the exception of Melon, which stained my nails, I didn't have any problem with the polishes I ordered. Will I buy again ? Hell yeah. Wear time is great for me, as the chips on day 2 or 3 of the manicure are small and can easily be covered up with some polish. They have a great assortment of basic colors, whether you're looking for polish or lipstick, their prices are super low and you get quality. I've paid more for polishes that peeled right off my nails on the first day. Kiko, you've got a happy customer here.

What's your favorite mint polish ? Have you ever shopped at Kiko ? What's your favorite low-price makeup brand ?

23 January 2014

Kiko 330 (Lilac) Nail Polish Swatch & Review

I have a lot of purple polishes, but I didn't have any soft/pastel one, so with my Kiko coupon, I bought ... Lilac. Please please please excuse the horrible cuticles and short nails.

It's a creme polish that could easily be opaque in one thick coat. I was actually surprised by this, as usually pastel polishes tend to be a bit streaky and need two coats to hide the mess. I did use two coats in the pictures below, because I'm not a one coat kinda polish addict. Lilac, like every other Kiko polishes I own, lasted about 2 to 3 days without chipping, without base or top coat.

17 January 2014

Kiko 359 (Light Peach) Nail Polish Swatch & Review

Yes, I know, another Kiko polish. I promise I only have two (well, three if you count this one) left from my (May !) haul. I'd been wanting a soft pastel peach polish, so in the shopping cart Light Peach went. 

It's a creme polish that was a bit streaky on the first coat, but as it's a pastel, I expected it. The picture shows two coats (please excuse the bubbles on my pinky, I messed up and had to cover it up and then bam, bubbles. Ugh.) Like every other Kiko polishes I own, this lasted 2/3 days without chipping (without base or top coat).

16 January 2014

Nivea (Labello) Lip Butter in Raspberry Rosé and Vanilla & Macadamia Review & Pictures

Hi everyone ! Today I have a small review for the Nivea Lip Butters, which are sold under the name Labello here in France (all Nivea lip products are sold under that name, I don't know why). 

From reviews I've read/watched, I feel like people either love them or hate them. I love them. I actually want to buy backups (Amazon France sells them in packs of 3) but I'm trying to save some money, so that'll have to wait *snif* 

We only have Vanilla & Macadamia and Raspberry Rosé here in France. I've never seen the other two (Caramel Kiss & the 'regular Nivea' smell) in stores. But, you know, France is already behind on releasing these, I guess I can wait for the other two. I saw an ad for them in a magazine maybe a year ago, and searched for them online and in stores, but no luck... I then completely forgot about them until I saw them at the store in October. 

Anyway, let's move on to the review, huh ? I use these lip butters at night, because yes, they do leave a white cast on the lips. For me, that's the only downside. They smell amazing, and my lips look really really nice and hydrated when I wake up. Some people don't like the fact that you have to scoop it out the tin with your finger, but because I use them before bed, my hands are clean, so I don't mind. Also, I've been using the Raspberry Rosé one every night (well, I might have missed a couple) since November, and I've still got a lot of product left. And I mean a lot. I paid about 3 or 4 euros for them, and that's a really reasonable price for the quality. 

So, here's my take on Nivea's Lip Butters. Do you have one of them ? All of them ? Do you love them as much as I do ? Or do you hate them and use another product ? If so, which one ?

07 January 2014

NOTD : New Year's Nails

My first NOTD, ha ! Well, it's more of a "New Year's Eve/Day" NOTD, but my polish is still going strong, and it looked very pretty, so here it is :

Please excuse the tip wear (and my gross cuticles. Haven't been taking care of them as much as I should lately), this has been on my nails since Tuesday night and the picture was taken Saturday because I'm lazy like that (that makes it a 4 days old mani without any chips !). I used Maybelline Tenue & Strong Pro in Raspberry Crush/Cassis Frappé and I layered my Maybelline Mini Colorama in Honey Crystals on top (which I also used on top of Kiko's Martha Red for Christmas). Here they are :

Yes, that background paper says Merry Christmas. I planned on writing a post with nail polish suggestions for the holidays, but like I said, I ended up eating way too many cookies and fudge while watching movies, so that post didn't happen. Anyway. Look at this gorgeous polish : 

What did you have on your nails for Christmas and New Year's ?