21 July 2015

Kiko 488 (Pearly Golden Camellia) Nail Polish Swatch & Review

Is this thing still on ?
Oh my, how long has it been since I last posted ? It feels like years. To be quite honest, I wasn't really motivated. I do have a bunch of posts almost written and some pictures are edited, but I just never get around to actually posting. Real life has kind of gotten in the way, and I've been working on my baking/cooking blog (though I haven't posted there yet), so this blog was just sort of forgotten. 

Today I'm back with a polish post (duh) for Kiko's 488 shade, Pearly Golden Camellia.

This polish is a gorgeous peachy pink with gold flecks. It is absolutely beautiful, perfect for Spring/Summer. I got it almost opaque with a couple coats. You can see I have some visible nail line, but it didn't bother me that much. It stayed chip-less for about 4 or 5 days.

Honestly, my pictures don't do it justice. Damn you, cloudy day. 
As I was taking my swatch picture I had a sort of lightbulb moment looking at the bottle, and got Kiko's Strawberry Pink polish out of my stash, as I thought they looked similar.

And I was almost right !It turns out they only look like they're the same color, and 488 (on the right) is like 360's (on the left, obviously) darker, sparklier sister.

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