11 May 2015

Latest buys & mini reviews

I'm back today with a few new things I wanted to show you !

First up is this Labello/Nivea Lip Butter in 'Original', which I've wanted for a long time. I already own Raspberry Rosé and Vanilla & Macademia and I wanted to try this one as I am pleased with the others. I love it ! It doesn't really have a scent, so if you'd love to try these lip butters but can't stand the scents, this one's for you !

Next up : Nail polishes ! Again, I know. These were a gift from my Mom for Easter. They're from Rojo Intenso. I tried to look the brand up online but couldn't find anything... Have you ever heard about this brand ? I've tried the first one on the left and I wasn't disappointed ! I'll post a swatch soon. I can't wait to try the rest of them !

And finally, I bought the Rimmel Soft Kôhl eye pencil :

I needed a new eye pencil as mine were old and I got this one from Rimmel. It was the cheapest I could find, between 3 and 4€, and it does the job perfectly (I use it on my waterlines). It doesn't run and stays put all day, so I'm really glad I got this one !

So, here you go, a bunch of mini reviews. Now, your turn : what's the last thing you bought ?