12 December 2013

Kiko 360 (Strawberry Pink) Nail Polish Swatch & Review

Hi everyone ! How are you all doing on this freezing morning ? Today I have a pretty pink polish for you. My polish collection consists of mostly pinks and purples, but I don't have anything close to this one. This is Strawberry Pink from (you guessed it) Kiko. 

What you see here are four (yep, four) coats. Now there's a little story behind those four coats, so sit back and listen read. I always apply my nail polish before going to bed, because that's usually when I have the most time. So I applied 2 coats of Strawberry Pink, but I could still see my nail line, which I don't really like. After waiting for my second coat to be dry, I applied a third one. There was still some visible nail line, but I decided to be okay with it. After about an hour and a half/two hours, I went to bed. Now, my nails weren't perfectly dry, so I was really careful. When I woke up the next day, womp womp. Sheet marks all over my nails. UGH. That had never happened with the other Kiko polishes so I was a bit disappointed. I should have waited to apply the third coat the next morning. Anyway, I decided to apply another coat of polish before taking my swatch pictures, being very careful with my hands because the polish wasn't drying (I don't think you can see it but I actually have a mark on my pinky from my sweater). So this is the story of why I had to apply four coats of this polish. At least there was no more nail line, ha ! 

All in all, Strawberry Pink is a beautiful color, even if it is a bit sheer when you do thin coats. Application was very easy, but the polish took a looong time to dry ! The fourth coat I applied in the morning still wasn't dry in the afternoon ! It lasted about 3 to 4 days on my nails without chipping, which is a bit longer than usual for the Kiko polishes (at least for me), but it was probably because of my 4 thin coats. 

Do you like pink polish ? What color do you mostly have in your stash ?

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