30 March 2015

Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick in Diva Red (500) Swatch & Review

Here's a review for Rimmel's Moisture Renew (or Hydra Renew here in France) lipstick in Diva Red !

The Moisture Renew lipsticks were on sale for 3 something euros back in December (instead of 5 or 6€, so they're still pretty cheap even full price !) so I grabbed Diva Red, as I wanted a bright red lipstick for the holidays.

Moisture Renew lipsticks are enriched in Vitamin A, C, and E for intense color and moisture. Rimmel claims these lipsticks are "ultra lightweight, comfortable to wear all day".
I wasn't disappointed by the color of Diva Red at all. It's a beautiful red that makes you feel like a grown up. It's the brightest red I own and definitely an "in your face" color, but it can still be worn everyday and not just for parties or special occasions.

The lipstick isn't drying at all, and it lasts on my lips all day. It does tend to run in the lines around your mouth if you're not careful and apply too much product, but if you apply a first coat, bloat the excess product using a tissue, and apply a second coat, the lipstick won't run as much.
Scent wise, the lipstick smells really nice. It smells fresh and powdery, maybe a little like baby wipes. You can't taste it once it's on your lips.

All in all, I love this lipstick, and I will for sure try other colors for the Moisture Renew line !
Do you own any Moisture/Hydra Renew lipstick ?

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