07 January 2014

NOTD : New Year's Nails

My first NOTD, ha ! Well, it's more of a "New Year's Eve/Day" NOTD, but my polish is still going strong, and it looked very pretty, so here it is :

Please excuse the tip wear (and my gross cuticles. Haven't been taking care of them as much as I should lately), this has been on my nails since Tuesday night and the picture was taken Saturday because I'm lazy like that (that makes it a 4 days old mani without any chips !). I used Maybelline Tenue & Strong Pro in Raspberry Crush/Cassis Frappé and I layered my Maybelline Mini Colorama in Honey Crystals on top (which I also used on top of Kiko's Martha Red for Christmas). Here they are :

Yes, that background paper says Merry Christmas. I planned on writing a post with nail polish suggestions for the holidays, but like I said, I ended up eating way too many cookies and fudge while watching movies, so that post didn't happen. Anyway. Look at this gorgeous polish : 

What did you have on your nails for Christmas and New Year's ?

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