10 October 2013

Kiko nail polish haul

Am I allowed to call this a haul ? Okay. 
So back in May (yes, this post is late), Kiko sent me a coupon, and because I desperately needed some new nail polish colors for summer, I thought "why not ?". Their nail lacquers are cheap (they're 2.50€ here in France) and I'd heard some good things. They also have an amazing color palette, and if you're looking for those 'basic' colors, I think you should definitely check out their website. They have a whole rainbow, from pure red to light blue to dark green. You should also look for swatch pictures, as those little colored dots on the website look a bit lighter than the actual polish. 

In total, I bought 12 polishes, 9 for myself, and 3 for my sister (She got Mint Milk, Burnt Orange and Raspberry Pink). I got a limited edition Sun Pearl nail lacquer in River Green (above), and 8 'regular' polishes. Below are Orchid Pink, Lilac, Mint Milk, Gentian Blue and Strawberry Pink, Light Peach, Melon, and Martha Red. 

I have some swatch posts coming up, and I'll say what I thought of each polish in their own post, but I can already tell you this : for the price, the quality of their polishes is great. I'll be back soon with swatches :)
Now, I want to know about you, what's the last nail polish you bought ? 

1 comment:

  1. I think I have the Mint Milk and I have 2 others but I don't know the name, I'll tell you later.
    I really like the strawberry pink. Maybe I'm gonna do some nail polish shopping later today ;)

    (It's Camille/keew btw)