18 February 2014

OPI Gouda Gouda Two Shoes (Holland Collection) Nail Polish Swatch & Review

Let's all forget I said this would be posted yesterday. Let's also forget this should actually have been posted over a month ago. Like I mentionned in my last post, the first swatch pictures I took didn't turn out great, and I only realized it once the polish was off my nails. And yep, it took a month for me to finally get around to re-taking pictures. I'm so lazy.

Gouda Gouda Two Shoes had been on my nail polish wishlist (yes I have one of those) ever since it was released with OPI's Holland collection in the Spring 2012. I have a few other from that collection on my wishlist, and when it was time to buy last December and I could only pick one, well... I hesitated. I finally picked Gouda Gouda Two Shoes, because I figured it'd be a nice Winter to Spring transition polish.
Here's the swatch :

I love the color. It's an old rose with a subtle golden shimmer that was super hard to photograph. It is definitely there in the sunlight, unfortunately it was raining when I took the pictures so you can't really see it. But it is so pretty !

The polish applies perfectly. I used two coats, but I think three might be best, especially for staying power. I get some tip wear very easily with this polish (without base/top coat), even if I wrap my tips, but that's honestly the only bad thing I have to say. It didn't even chip when I washed my hair ! Am I the only one who judges a polish by that ?

Do you have a nail polish wishlist ? Is there that one polish you have to have ? Do share !

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