27 March 2015

Le Petit Cliché Hollywood Nail Polish Swatch & Review

Here's the first Le Petit Cliché polish I tried from this haul.

Hollywood is a black jelly polish with blue microglitter.
I applied two coats of polish. The first one was streaky and a little uneven, but the second coat made everything perfect. The polish started chipping four days after I applied it (without base or top coat), which is enough for me as I usually get bored and want to change the color on my nails by then ! 

Also, please excuse the rough looking cuticles. They've been pretty bad recently. Does anyone have a favorite cuticle care product they use ? I've got my eyes on Sally Hansen's Cuticle Eraser (I think that's the name, it's that green and white swirl thing), has anyone tried it ?

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